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Very excited for my next Live In... album which is coming out on Dec 8th. I'll be revealing where it was recorded and pre-orders will be ava

Who wants to get Lost in music tonight at @eleven44 with @OdinCameron @willis_halton_asylum @ramytramyt - First time in Honolulu and really

Not one but two Halloween shows this weekend - FreakNight in Seattle Friday and Escape All Hallows' Eve Saturday in San Bernardino.

Guess where...

It's important to support new talent who are making great records.

Aloha looking forward to my first ever gig in Honolulu on Wednesday 29th October at eleven44 - who's coming ?

Australia, see you in a couple of weeks!

Thank you Hong Kong and Club 18 for a great party on Saturday night. Until next year

#djguyj number 4 in #beatport techno chart out now on #bedrockrecords - all 3 tracks are huge

What a party thank you #visiontokyo for an incredible night

Great time at #tokyo761 @TOKYOSCENE761 thanks for having me on the show

Just woke up and the sun is going down ! That would be the deepest 13 hours sleep I have had in a long while :)

Aloha! Playing my first ever show in Hawaii next Wednesday.

Japan here I come. Some good music on the infight system today😄

Looking forward to playing in Hong Kong this Saturday. Tickets >

Making my way to Friday's show in Tokyo on the Bullet Train.

Thank you #melkweg for an amazing #bedrockrecords party with #djguyj #piganddan

#djguyj rocking things at #bedrockrecords at #ade